Department of Philosophy

  • About Department

  • The Department of Philosophy started from 1987. In Our department pass course has been started from 1987 and Honours course is started from 2011. The student are very punctual in our department and the students and teachers communication, teaching interaction, lecture interaction and relationship is very good.

  • Vision and Mission

In the department of Philosophy we are inspire to every students  for their interest to  work for society and we learn mentally setup of  good service for others. It is good effect of the human society, it can frame humanity. To motivate the students from Bengali medium to opt English medium for the betterment in future. To encourage our students for the development of the sense of creativity for the benefit of society.


  • Courses Offered

Under Graduate (B.A Honours & Pass in Philosophy): 
 i) B.A. (General).   Duration: Three Years (1+1+1). From 2014-2015, Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme has been started 
  ii) B.A. (Honours).   Duration: Three Years (1+1+1). From 2014-2015, Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme has been implemented. 

  • Intake Capacity

B.A Honours -40, Pass-unlimited seat

  • Eligibility Criteria for Entry Level
  1. For admission in Philosophy Honours, the candidate should have pass H.S.

  2. A general candidate is eligible to apply in Philosophy Hon's course if he/she has secured in H.S or equivalent exam. 40% or above in average along with at least 45% marks in Philosophy or 35 % in average and 50 % inPhilosophy.

  3. Candidate should have at least 50 %marks in H.S if he/she didn't have Philosophy as elective subject in H.S.

  4. Selection would be on merit basis subject to the fulfilment of the state government reservation policy.


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Dr. Jekap Halam (HOD)

Mobile: 9862134262

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MA, NET, M.Phil, PhD



Mrs. Mitali Deb


Mobile: 9436154488

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  • Facilities

Desktop Computer with Internet connection, Smart Classroom, Departmental Library.

  • Seminar/Workshop Organized
  1.  i) organize a Departmental Lecture programme on “critical Philosophy of Immanuel Kant” financial funded by Govt. Degree College, Kamalpur, Dhalai Tripura Dated on 08-04-2016.

  • Project/Research