Department of Kokborok

  • About Department

  • The Department of Kokborok started functioning in 2012 with pass course. The department offers degree in B.A Pass Courses.

  • Vision and Mission

The main objective of the department is enrichment of personality of the students. Literature specially build the morality of the students. Our prime vision is to make a good citizen and well educated person for our society.

  • Courses Offered

B.A  (General).   Duration: Three Years(1+1+1). From 2014-2015 Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme Started 

  • Intake Capacity

 B.A Pass- 200 seat

  • Eligibility Criteria for Entry Level
  1. For admission in B.A Kokborok pass, the candidate should have passed H.S.
  2. Selection would be on merit basis subject to the fulfilment of the state government reservation policy.


  • Facilities

Desktop Computer with Internet connection, Smart Classroom, Departmental Library.

  • Seminar/Workshop Organized
  1. Organized a Departmental Seminar on "Hayungni komortwtwi kok tei kokborok kok no twiwi koklam" on 31st March, 2016 Resourse person Sri. Naresh Ch. Debbarma, Member of Kokborok    language development committee, Govt. of Tripura
  • Project/Research