Anti-Women Harassment Cell

The College has a ‘Women Harassment   Prevention Cell’ consisting of 1 Chairman, 2 Member Secretaryand 1 Assistant Member Secretary for prevention/actionagainst sexual harassment of students. The cell was formed first time by the collegein the session 2011-12 with the purpose of protection of students fromexploitation or harassment. There is no record of such instances reported till date.The sexual harassment committee prevention committee providescounseling and necessary guidance to our students. The committee also organizes awareness programme/campaign and also have an annual thrust activities like: discussions/debate/essay writing on various national/international days, observation of Women’s Day etc.

Anti-Women’s harassment cell:

Convenor           :     Sri. Debasish Roy Chowdhury
Member             :     Dr. Swapan Sharma
Member             :     Smt. Mitali Deb