National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

NAAC Steering Committee :

01.  Dr. Abhijit Sarkar       Principal                                              Chairperson
02.  Dr. Santanu Majumder           Assistant Professor in Chemistry                     Coordinator  
03.  Dr. Shubhajit Dinda                 Assistant Professor in Chemistry                      Member
04.  Sri Subal Ch. Das                       Assistant Professor in Physical Education    Member
05.  Dr. Swapan Sharma                 Assistant Professor in Bengali                            Member
06.  Dr. Bimal Ch. Das                      Assistant Professor in Mathematics                 Member

NAAC Subcommittees :

1. Curricular Aspects :

Dr. Shubhajit Dinda, Asstt. Prof.

2. Teaching-Learning and Evaluation :

Dr. Dipankar Biswas, Asstt. Prof.

3. Research, Innovations and Extension :

Sri Utpal Sarkar, Asstt. Prof.

4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources :

Dr. Swapan Sharma, Asstt. Prof.

5. Student Support and Progression :

Sri Jitesh Chandra Saha, Asstt. Prof.

6. Governance, Leadership and Management :

Dr. Jekap Halam, Asstt. Prof.

7. Institutional Values and Best Practices :

Sri Kelvin Uchoi, Asstt. Prof.

8. SWAT analysis :

Dr. Bimal Chandra Das, Asstt. Prof.

9. SSR preparation :

Dr. Aparna De, Asstt. Prof.

10. Alumni Meetings :

Sri Prahar Datta, PGT.


IQAC meeting

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Plan and achievement 2019-2020

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SSS report

Annual Quality Assurance Report 2019-2020

Annual Quality Assurance Report 2018-2019

Annual Quality Assurance Report 2017-2018

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Students Satisfaction Survey 2019-2020

Students Satisfaction Survey 2018-2019

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