About Activities Carried out under RUSA :

         RUSA related activities of the college started with the formation of Institutional core committee (RUSA) and submission of Institutional Development Plan (IDP) to State Council of Higher Education in April, 2014. Till date the college has received a sum of Rs. 22,47,456/- (Rupees twenty two lakh forty seven thousand four hundred and fifty six only) under the scheme which was utilized for various Renovation/Upgradation (Category B) and purchase of New Equipments/Facilities (Category C) activities according to the guidelines of the scheme.

Name of the Co-ordinator and Contact Details:


RUSA  Institutional Coordinator - Mr. Debashis Roy Chowdhury    
                                   Assistant Professor
                                   Contact: 8730985652

Name of the Nodal Officers :

Civil Works including
Environment Management-    Mr. Prahar Datta  (Post Graduate Teacher)

Procurement-               Mr. Bimal Chandra Das (Assistant Professor)

Financial aspects-         Dr. Swapan Sharma (Assistant Professor & DDO)

Equity Assurance Plan
Implementation-            Mr. Subal Das (Assistant Professor)

Funds Received and Utilization Related Details:

Utilization of  RUSA grants (1st Installment) of FY 2014-15 of Rs. 20,22,728/- (Central Share)
Utilization of  RUSA grants (2nd Installment) of FY 2014-15 of Rs. 2,24,728/- (State Share)