Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college was established in the year 2014. As we have not faced NAAC till date, the IQAC of our college has functioned conceptualizing its own thoughts to develop a various academic and extra-academic activities  of its own.

The Principal of the college approve the most of the recommendations of IQAC depending on the feasibility of the proposals. In sometimes few of the decisions cannot be taken into account due to some limitations

IQAC has two external members in its committee. They provide their valuable suggestions time to time.

Currently the committee comprises of the following faculty members and external experts:

01.  Dr. Chhanda Bhattacharyya,                                          Principal                                          Chairperson
02.  Dr. Srimanta Ray,                                                      Assistant Professor                           Member Secretary
03.  Dr. Swapan Sharma,                                               Assistant Professor                                  Member
04.  Mr. Debashis Roy Chowdhury,                           Assistant Professor                                       Member
05.  Mr. Subal Ch. Das ,                                                  Assistant Professor                                  Member
06.  Mr. Prahar Datta,                                                     Post Graduate Teacher                            Member 
07. Mr. Noni Gopal Nandi,                                            Post Graduate Teacher                               Member 
08. Mr. Samir Das,                                                                    Librarian                                         Member 
09. Mr. Anjan Das,                                                   External expert on Quality                              Member 
                                                                             Management /Local Community
10. Anil Deb,                                                             External expert on Quality                             Member 
                                                                             Management /Local Community