Examination Cell

The College has an Examination Cell for smooth conduct of Internal and University Examinations. Examination Cell forms a Core-Committee, currently the committee comprises of the following faculty members:

Examination Cell Core Committee

          1. Mr. Utpal Sarkar, Assistant Professor -   Convener
          2. Dr. Jekap Halam, Assistant Professor -    Member
          3. Mr. Srinibash Debnath, PGT -     Member   

Activities of core commettee

Examination Cell controls all examinations of the College like internal sessional and university B.A/B.Sc. examinations. Before the commencement of every examination Core committee convenes General meeting and forms different sub-committees. Members of the different sub-committees co-operate among each other for smooth conduct of all examination related works.

Different sub-committees and the current members are :

Officer in-charge

1. Principal-in- Charge
2. Sri. Subrata Debbarma
3. Dr. Swapan Sharma
4. Dr. Bimal Ch. Das


Pkting Committee
  1. Dr. Shyamal Das
  2. Srinibash Debnath
  3. Smt. Mitali Deb
  4. Srinibash Debnat
  5. Prahar Datta
  6. Ajoy Kr. Das -Gr-D
  7. Sita Debnath -Gr-D


Exam.  Centre (discipline) Committee-
  1. Srinibash Debnath                                                                        
  2. Parimal Nama Das                                                                              
  3. Prahar Datta
  4. Smt. Mitali Deb                                                                         
  5. Paresh Debnath                                                                               
  6. Subal Ch. Das
Office Record Committee-
  1. Utpal Sarkar
  2. Dr. Jekap Halam
  3. Biswajit Debnath   
  4. Apurba Kr. De
  5. Suvam Singha Choudhury
  6. Biswajit Debnath                                
Custodian Committee
  1. Ratan Debbarma
  2. Apurba Kr. De
  3. Debabrata Chakraborty
  4. Pradip Sinha



Seat Plan Committee
  1. Subrata Debbarma (Convener)
  2. Dr. Bimal Ch. Das
  3. Parimal Nama Das
  4. Subal Ch. Das
  5. Iresh Debnath
  6. Prahar Datta
Invigilation Chart Making Committee-
  1. Dr. Swapan Sharma
  2. Paresh Debnath